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“Today Project” round-table and concert on Universal Children’s Day

20 November 2016 at Cappella di Santa Maria, Ghemme, Italy

The round-table will bring together representatives from government, workers’ and employers’ organisations, and major Piedmont-based companies as well as local foundations, artists and schools. The objective is to present the “Today Project”, through which many music, art and educational events have been organised in Italy to raise awareness about child labour, reaching out to new partners and audiences. 

The project is named after the song by Maria Olivero “TODAY Say No to Child Labour” and a new initiative which will allow artists worldwide to add their voices to the chorus of the song using specially designed software will be presented. The round-table will be followed by a concert combining classical and pop music, including the “TODAY” song, with readings. 

The event is organised by the Ghemme-based Italian association Carnevalspettacolo, with the support of local foundations. Carnevalspettacolo is a long-term supporter of the campaign against child labour having organised many events centred on the Pinocchio canvas  created by high school students from Bergamo and Romagnano Sesia.

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