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“Festival Meetings” concert series to support the Music Initiative

Milano Classica, in collaboration with the Milan network of Middle Schools Specialising in Music (Scuole Medie ad Indirizzo Musicale, SMIM) and the Municipality of Milan, announced the launch of the 2016 edition of the “Festival Meetings” on 1 February. The 2016 Festival is entitled “Bach to the future”, linking to the Municipality of Milan’s cultural project “Back to the future.” In 2016, a series of 9 concerts are planned building up to and around the World Day against Child Labour on 12 June, with a further 5 concerts following in the autumn, involving more than 20 music schools. 

In addition to raising public awareness about child labour, the “Festival Meeting’s” activities will link to the ILO’s SCREAM programme  (Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media). In collaboration with the network of music schools, an inter-school orchestra will be formed and SCREAM’s creative and participatory methodology will be applied to the music and theatrical education process. An event to present two musicals, prepared by a school in Milan and a school in Lacchiarella, is planned for 2016. 

Milano Classica adhered to the Music Against Child Labour Initiative in November 2014. In early 2015, the “Festival Meetings” was launched, bringing together musicians and musicians’ organizations with schools, municipalities and local cultural associations in a series of music, art and educational events to raise awareness about child labour. In 2015, 12 events dedicated to the Music Initiative  were organised, ranging from musicals and concerts to inter-school dialogues and the World Day Against Child Labour event at the site of EXPO2015 . 


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