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Green Flag Campaign Against Child Labour

Popular Nepali Rock Band 1974 AD have joined hands with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to promote the "Green Flag Campaign Against Child Labour" through music!

Rohit John Chettri (New voice of 1974 AD) and Sanjay Shrestha (Drummer, 1974 AD) have worked with the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the Nepali adaptation of the child labour theme song "Til Everyone Can See" , originally written by Mike Einziger, the American Grammy-nominated guitarist from the alternative rock band, Incubus and violinist, Ann Marie Simpson. 

The 1974 AD duo, together with a group of talented artists including Chandresha Pandey (Singer), Mahesh Tandukar (Guitarist), Bijent Bikram Shah (Bassist), Kiran Nepali (Sarangi player), Rubin Shrestha (Flautist) Rochak Dahal (Lyricist) and Ranzen Jha (Music arranger), Julian James (Camera 2) and Prabhat Jha (Camera 1) have contributed their talents to the ILO in the making of the Nepali adaptation of the song. The group will stage a free concert in Lalitpur to launch the song on the occasion of the WDACL, 12 June 2016.  More than 800 people, including Government officials, employers’ and workers’ organizations, non-government organizations, students, teachers and children, along with the International agencies are expected to participate in the concert and support the cause. 

Child Labour is pervasive in Nepal, with 1.6 million children working full-time across sectors.  "I support the work that the ILO is doing towards child labour elimination and I am confident that music can create additional impact," said Sanjay Shrestha. The 1974 AD duo believe that the Nepali adaptation of the song will help spread the message on child labour issues and will gather a wider support base for the "Green Flag Campaign against Child Labour". 

Green Flag Campaign is an anti-child labour movement initiated by the Lalitpur sub-metropolis on 12 June, 2014 together with the civil society organizations and with technical assistance from the ILO and UNICEF. The "Green Flagged" houses and workplaces symbolize that they are Child Labour Free.

This year's World Day Against Child Labour, June 12, focuses particularly on child labour in supply chains. Its global message is, "End Child Labour in Supply Chains: It's Everyone's Business!" 

Tune in with the artists and the ILO against child labour 


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